• Dan Fredinburg

    "Every step along the way. Look Around. Take it all in. Love life." 

    1981 - Forever

    Son, brother, friend, confidant.


    Leader of the tribe, influencer of the influencers, first one up the mountain, life of the party. 


    Brilliant, charming, confident, honest. He lived a full life in his 33 years. A life overflowing with love and adventure and wonder. He was passionate, bursting with life and contained limitless energy.


    Dan is light. He came as light and he left as light, and his unique bright light continues to inspire us all.




  • The Foundation

    Dan wanted "everyone to think like Google [x] and have the heart of an adventurer."


    Dan's Foundation aims to support this mission.


    Our work is divided into three core pillars:


    Dan was an engineer, an inventor and a scientist. His curiousity knew no limits, and his pragmatic, analytical approach to life allowed him to flourish at Boeing, Google and beyond. The Foundation will always support education, with a focus on Science and Mathematics. 


    Dan loved Nepal and Mt. Everest. The Foundation will always be a friend to the people of Nepal and supporter of this beautiful country.




    Dan deeply cared about the outdoors, as an avid climber, passionate adventurer and educated scientist. He fully realized the grave effects of climate change. The Foundation will always support and protect our only Planet.

  • Foundation Partners

    We are deeply committed to our Foundation Partners, and proud of their positive contributions.

    Arkansas School for Math Sciences & the Arts

    Dan attended ASMSA from 1997-1999 which led him to excel in his education, setting the stage for all of his stellar accomplishments with Boeing, Google and beyond.


    Support for ASMSA means that brilliant girls and boys with math and science aptitude will have access to a top quality STEM education, regardless of income. Since the ASMSA students are the best and brightest in the state, we feel that this donation is a far reaching investment in the future of our nation. It meets the Dan Fredinburg Foundation goals of supporting STEM education, and of increasing the number of both girls and boys in STEM.


    To donate click here

    Orphan Gift

    Orphan Gift is on a mission to benefit marginalized orphans around the world. From providing Christmas gifts to shelter and schools, Orphan Gift works to benefit those that need most.


    Read more about Orphan Gift here.

    Orphan Gift Website


    Read about our most recent partnerships with Orphan Gift here & here.

    Toilet Hackers

    Toilet Hackers is a nonprofit organization transforming the toilet and sanitation crisis around the world. They are committed to raising awareness and providing access to dignified sanitation to the 2.5 billion people without a toilet.


    Toilet Hackers Website


    Splash is a social justice organization committed to the poor, an international development agency disciplined around urban economies, a social enterprise dedicated to putting ourselves out of business, and a safe water company focused on children. Put this odd combination together and exciting things are happening.


    Splash Website

    Children & Youth First

    Children & Youth First main focus is giving children access to their rights and helping them provide a peaceful environment for quality education. We give priority to children and youth, who represent the future of the country. 


    Children & Youth First Website

    All Hands

    All Hands Volunteers is a US-based, non-profit organization, that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters by engaging volunteers, partner organizations and local communities. We aim to demonstrate the power and value of volunteering through the tangible work done, the hope it brings to suffering communities, and the transformative experiences it provides for volunteers.


    All Hands Website

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  • Video

    Dan in action

    A beautiful short video about Dan's expeditions to Everest

    by Wayne Price

    Dan in Action

    by Andrew Swerdlow


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    #LiveDan + #AdventureAwaits

  • #LiveDanDay

    a celebration on social media celebrating Dan's birthday on September 8th

  • Press

    Some of our favorite Dan stories

    Remembering Dan Fredinburg

    By Charles Bethea

    He seemed invincible and boundless, floating through life just doing what he wanted to do, and no one could possibly imagine stopping him.



    The Powerful Letter Dan Fredinburg Carried With Him On Mount Everest

    By Cavan Sieczkowski

    He had this incredible hacker mind, finding innovative ways to solve problems. He used that mind to bring more love into the world, more adventure into the world, and create those experiences for the people he cared about.



    WE AVOID TAKING RISKS…So we can make it safely to death

    By Wilderly Man

    This is a reminder to us all that life is short. Whether we live 30, 60, or hundreds of years, we are merely blips in history. Make the best of the time you have in this lifetime. Hug the ones you love, make peace with the ones you don’t, and grab that bucket list and start checking items off. 



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